Some kind words about us

Here is some of the feedback from our strategic partners, sponsors, and colleagues, and customers.

The world has never been more interconnected than it is today. Woodside FutureLab aims to connect exciting challenges in the materials field with our community of blue-sky thinkers and bright young minds to develop tomorrow’s biggest innovations. FutureLab has a home for these collaboration at the Curtin Corrosion Centre, and we continue to grow a wonderful community of specialists together with the support of the university. Having access to high-quality prototyping facilities for experimenting and testing is important to FutureLab. While we encourage thinking big, we want to prototype and scale fast and alongside our partners we can achieve this at Curtin. We are proud to be a part of this exciting partnership and look forward to the innovations to come.

Neil Kavanagh, Chief Scientist.


“The Curtin Corrosion Centre has been a great example of industry/university partnership. Starting with initial development of the design to ensure alignment with Chevron’s Western Australian MEG systems in 2015, this was followed by work to support Gorgon field start-up. This early work provided key insights into fluid risks such as emulsion and foaming during facility start-up and well flowback conditions. With our Chevron-operated Australian assets now online, more recent work undertaken by the Curtin team has focused on understanding operational issues and constraints. Early successes from this work has had tangible benefits on OPEX forecasts for the Wheatstone asset by demonstrating safe operating regions for MEG salinity and oxygen management.”

Mark Charlesworth, Production Chemist.


A60N are excited to collaborate with the Curtin Corrosion Centre (CCC) for a number of reasons. The CCC is a world-class research centre in the areas of interest to A60N, predominantly subsea materials, their selection, through life integrity and associated failure mechanisms. The capabilities and expertise at the CCC compliment those of A60N and has enabled us to collaborate on a number of local industry initiated projects. A60N and the CCC will continue to provide exceptional value whilst solving problems for local operators of subsea equipment, which also produces novel, industry-relevant research results.

Skjalg Erdal, Technical Director


The technical paper “Influence of drain holes in jacketing on corrosion under thermal insulation", completed by the Curtin Corrosion team informs part of Woodsides CUI Risk-Based Inspection methodology of installing drain holes. The Woodside Energy Technologies - Production Technology team have since designed and patented a tool to rapidly realise this simple mitigative measure; a good example of academia and industry working together to minimise plant technical integrity risk.

Rory Okeeffe


The Curtin Corrosion Centre is an exceptional group of talented individuals always pushing the boundaries of knowledge through their applied research. They apply the deepest academic knowledge in the fields of materials science, microbiology and related fields to solve industry challenges.

Andrew Bell

Innovation Central Perth